In season Spring - Fall. Learn what makes our avocados so special & where to find them.

The California Difference

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Taste the California Difference

What makes California Avocados so special? Is it the sun-kissed soil, the seasoned growers, the hand-grown care, or just the magic of California? And the answer is … yes. California Avocados combine all of the best elements to bring you that creamy, completely handcrafted, avocado taste. We have nearly 5,000 growers and most of them run small, family farms. They walk the land ensuring their avocados are always inspected, harvested and cared for by hand. We take great pride in the California name, so rest assured knowing every delicious California Avocado comes from our hands to yours.

Where can I find California Avocados? 

Reasons to Choose California Avocados

Here are just some of the reasons why California Avocados are so special.

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California Avocados are born and raised right here in the U.S., meticulously cared for and plucked at their peak - ensuring California avocados go from tree to table in just a few days.

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Care and craftsmanship

It's a labor of love for our California Avocado growers. They are hands on, every step of the way.

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Fertile, sun-kissed soil and cool California breezes help create the ideal climate to produce world-class, premium avocados.

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California Avocados are NOW in season! 

Find out which stores near you carry California Avocados.

The Journey from Tree to Plate

Follow the journey as a California Avocado is grown, picked, shipped, bought and enjoyed!

Did you know?

  • It takes 14-18 months to grow a single California Avocado.
  • California produces about 90% of the nation’s avocado crop.
  • San Diego County is the avocado capital of the U.S., producing about half of all the avocados grown in California.
  • There are nearly 5,000 avocado growers in California; the average grove size is around 10 acres.
  • A single California Avocado tree can produce up to 500 avocados (or 200 pounds of fruit) a year.
  • California Avocados grow year-round, but are officially in volume when in season from spring to early fall.
  • There are avocado festivals that celebrate the beloved California Avocado every year! 
  • More California Avocado Facts

Meet the Growers

Meet featured growers of California Avocados from around the state

California Avocado History

The Hass Avocado is a California native and has a long, distinguished history. Learn about Rudolph Hass and the story behind the Hass Avocado.

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