Easy, delicious and unexpected recipes with California Avocados.

What in the Heck is a Pintxo?

avocado tapas

Tasty Tapas with California Avocados I love to graze on tapas, those flavorful small-bite dishes from Spain. So being a fan a tapas I was surprised when a colleague suggested we create some California Avocado recipes for “pintxos.” I thought, “What in the heck is a pintxo?” I found out that pintxos (pronounced “Peent-chos” and […]

California Avocado Salad with Grapefruit, Pineapple and Cucumber

avocado salad

As far as fruits go, there are few that are as versatile as the characteristically creamy and flavorful California Avocado. They are simple, rich, and velvety and pair especially well with a wide range of ingredients–sweet, tart, bitter, and crunchy–for new taste sensations. At America’s Test Kitchen, we add California Avocados to many dishes to […]

Why You Should Peel Avocados

peel avocado

By peeling avocados, you gain access to the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit closest to the peel. Everyone has a personal preference on how to cut California Avocados – but using this ‘nick and peel’ technique allows you to make the most of your avocado while maximizing the nutritional benefits. Here’s how to cut […]

Pickling and Preserving Avocados


Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled … Avocados? Yup, it’s true! Well maybe not the part about Peter Piper; I’m not sure what was in that little rascal’s basket … but it is true that you can pickle avocados! Are you surprised? It’s just one way of preserving avocados. Hi! I’m Chris from The […]

Tips for the Perfect Summer BBQ

California Avocado Potato Salad1

Summer just isn’t summer without getting together with friends, enjoying great food and making memories. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends over, fire up the grill and serve this delicious avocado potato salad. It’s perfect with burgers, hot dogs, chicken and pork. Ok, it’s great with sausage sandwiches, too. They always seem […]