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This Season is Super Food Bowl Season.

Poke bowls, nourish bowls, acai bowls, burrito bowls – food just seems to taste more fun when it is served in a bowl.

So why not turn your food bowl into a superfood bowl by adding creamy California Avocados to it? Not only do California Avocados make food bowls more delicious, they are sodium and cholesterol-free; a naturally nutritious superfood.

Check out all our super food bowl recipes here and be prepared to be bowled away.

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By: California Avocado Commission

Introducing The CADO, an Avocado Experience 

We are so very excited to announce our partnership with CADO, a San Diego-based avocado pop-up experience celebrating California's favorite fruit. Launching June 2018!

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Date: 03.02.2018

Recipes and Cooking Tips

By: California Avocado Commission

15 Heart-Check Certified Avocado Recipes

California Avocados are Heart-Check Certified by the American Heart Association®! 15 certified recipes.

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Date: 02.26.2018

Recipes and Cooking Tips

By: Mitzi Dulan, RD, CSSD

Five Ways You Can Eat to Compete

Elite athletes are constantly putting in the work on the slopes and on the ice; however...

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Date: 02.09.2018

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