California Avocado Sales Tips

Industry experts have put together seven proven sales tips to help you realize better proceeds year-round.

1. Avocados are a top profit performer in the produce department

California Avocados rank among the top-10 profit generators in the produce department. Their year-round availability contributes to the phenomenal growth retailers have realized in the avocado category. Increased awareness and usage of California Avocados creates a solid foundation for generating sales and profits. Minimal labor requirements and a reduced shrink rate contribute to the category's profitability. Avocados are a top-profit performer per square foot of display space.

2. Merchandise Ripe Avocados to double or triple Avocado sales

Shoppers prefer ripe avocados and purchase them over firm fruit by a margin of as much as four to one. Displays featuring ripe fruit increase impulse purchases. Take advantage of this sales opportunity by displaying a variety of firm, breaking and ripe fruit. Identify ripe avocados with stickers. Customers rely on retailers to identify ripe avocados and respond by increasing their purchase of California Avocados.

3. Avocados are available in volume year-round for promotions

Avocados are available consistently throughout the year. Prominently displaying them in a permanent location creates the opportunity for shoppers to purchase avocados every day of the year. 

4. Multiple displays broaden the appeal of Avocados to shoppers

Sales will increase when multiple avocado varieties or sizes are displayed. A full range of California Avocado sizes and varieties are available throughout the year. Increase profits with secondary display locations; the citrus fruit, packaged salads and tomato sections provide ideal secondary display opportunities. Smaller sized avocados can be sold at attractive multiple-unit pricing, appealing to budget minded shoppers. Avocado packers provide PLU stickers on the fruit to eliminate confusion at checkout. The current PLU numbers for California Avocados are available online by clicking here.

5. Cross-merchandise avocados with other items to increase incremental sales

Avocados and tomatoes are natural display and purchase partners as ingredients in salads and sandwiches. The two create a striking color combination, attracting shopper interest and generating sales. Include salsa and/or guacamole mixes or other complementary items in these displays to encourage impulse purchases. Drive incremental sales and enhance overall produce department profitability by including products such as garlic and artichoke hearts in the same area.

6. Increase profits by cross-merchandising avocados with related grocery items

Capitalize on the entertaining attributes of the avocado. Shoppers rarely purchase avocados without purchasing additional items, such as snack and appetizer products like tortillas, tortilla chips, salad dressings and dips. Storewide traffic-building promotions can be built around avocados. Year-round availability provides opportunities for exciting promotional programs including Cinco de Mayo, summer barbeques and picnics; salad promotions; special holiday or sports-themed parties.

7. Avocado Feature Ads create sales and profit producing opportunities

Avocado ad features are a strong draw for shoppers, illustrating the "pull power" of California Avocados. Avocados can be featured at attractive prices that yield good profit margins while increasing sales velocity of avocados as well as complementary items in the produce department and throughout the store. Take advantage of the extensive California Avocado Commission consumer advertising campaign creating increased awareness and usage of California Avocados.