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  • California Label Initiative and Avocado PLUs

    California Avocado labeling prominently calls out point of origin to encourage retail sales. Research shows consumers have a preference for California-grown fruit. Introduced in 2014, California Avocado labeling syncs with CAC’s consumer marketing, which includes a call-to-action to look for the California labels. Some avocado packers use a California label that includes a PLU number (used to properly identify the size of avocados sold at retail) and some use a separate label for the PLU.

  • Ripe Manual (PDF)

    This technical manual is designed for retail/wholesale warehouse implementation of an effective in-house avocado ripening program. It provides information on warehouse receiving and handling, forced air room requirements, procedures for non-forced air rooms, benefits of pre-conditioning and controlled ripening as well as proper pre-conditioning and ripening procedures for avocados.

  • California Avocado Handlers

    The Avocado Marketing and Research Information Center (AMRIC) system and procedures enables the industry to analyze current market situations and forecast trends. Click for a list of California Avocado AMRIC handlers.

  • Stages of Ripe (PDF)

    Use this guide when ordering California Avocados.

  • Masters of Merchandising (PDF)

    California Avocado marketing support and materials.

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