Use the handy online form to order posters, displays, educational info and other point-of-sale materials These Merchandising Materials are available to support retail displays of California Avocados: POS Cards featuring California Avocado Growers and nutritional information, avocado danglers, recipe tear pads and avocado display bins. Order POS now to generate impulse purchases and promote Hand Grown in California Avocados in your stores.

California Fresh Salads Recipe Tear Pad

Seven Layer Salad in a Jar

Avocado Summer Salad
(Two-sided, 50 sheets per pad)

Size (5" x 3")

California Avocado Display Bin

Size (35" x 13.75" x 30")

Have a Blast Recipe Booklet

Have a Blast! during your American summer holiday gatherings with recipes from this 16-page brochure with 13 California Avocado recipes

Size (4" x 8")

Stages of Ripe Fact Sheet

A ripening guide that provides uniform descriptions for the five stages of Hass avocado ripeness. This guide, available to all avocado growers, handlers and retailers, eliminates the guesswork in avocado sales transactions by creating a uniform standard for defining each stage of ripeness.

Size (8½" x 11")

Warehouse Ripening Manual

This technical manual is designed for retail warehouse implementation of an effective in-house avocado ripening program.

Seedling to Supermarket Virtual Avocado Grove Tour CD

This virtual tour of California Avocados from seedling through shipment provides an in-depth view of California Avocados from the nursery to the grove to harvest and packing.

Have a Blast Recipe Tear Pad

Grilled Chicken & California Avocado Red, White & Blueberry Salsa

Guacamole Potato Salad
(Two-sided, 50 sheets per pad)

Size (5" x 3")

California Fresh Sandwiches Recipe Booklet

16 California Sandwich Recipes

Size (4" x 8")

American Summer Holidays Recipe Booklet

12 BBQ & Party Recipes featuring California Avocados.

Size (4" x 8")

4th of July POS Card

Size (11" x 7")

Plant-Based Diet Recipe Booklet

A 20-page booklet with 19 vegetarian recipes and tips featuring California Avocados and a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many recipes are vegan. With ideas from breakfast and sandwiches to a smoothie and dessert, these California Avocado recipes appeal to shoppers hungry for ideas to use more plant-based foods.

Size (4" x 8")

United Plates of America Recipe Booklet

A 20-page recipe booklet showcasing how California Avocados complement favorite American dishes, focusing on California and our neighbors in the West.

Size (4" x 8")

United Plates of America Recipe Tear Pad

Classic Guacamole

American Summer Salad with California Avocados
(Two-sided, 50 sheets per pad)

Size (5" x 3")

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