Mary Bergen

Ojai, CA

Grower Highlights

  • California Avocado Grower for over 10 years
  • Multi-generational
  • Northern California Grower

Varieties Grown

Born a city girl, she converted to country life after her family bought Ranchos dos Rios, their 800-acre ranch, in 1957. Her father dedicated 100 acres to California Avocados in 1972. Mary formed a profound connection with nature on the ranch that ultimately became the foundation for a career as a marine biologist. She spent much of her adult life studying the sea, before eventually returning to solid ground. She later took over the operations of the ranch in 2000 and there hasn’t been a day of disappointment since. Mary is emotionally and spiritually connected with the outdoors and feels blessed to be part of that delicate balance. She believes her work as a marine biologist and her role as a California Avocado grower satisfy her passion for maintaining the health of the natural environment. Mary thinks the taste of her California Avocados is so pure and wonderful, no extra ingredients are needed.

Recipes by this Grower

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