Mark & Linda Bruce

Simi Valley, CA

Grower Highlights

  • California Avocado Grower for over 10 years
  • Multi-generational
  • Northern California Grower

Varieties Grown

Developers by trade, the Bruce family got involved in the avocado business about 10 years ago. It was a dream that both Mark and Linda shared with Mark’s parents – to live on and run the farm in Simi Valley. Unfortunately, Mark’s parents did not live to see the dream become a reality. 

Abutting several tract housing developments, the Bruce’s farm has fought urban sprawl to increase green space in the area. But through experience and “learning things the hard way,” as well as relying on the knowledge of fellow growers, Mark and Linda have seen their ranch thrive. Their two children, Chance and Skye, are also learning about farming so that they can carry on the family tradition.


Recipes by this Grower

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