Jaime and Ricardo Serrato

Pauma Valley, CA

Grower Highlights

  • California Avocado Grower for over 25 years
  • Multi-generational
  • Northern California Grower

Varieties Grown

Jaime Serrato is the epitome of the American dream; coming from Mexico in the 60s, he has learned his trade from mentors like John Hankey. He has worked his way up through the ranks and has passed his knowledge and love of California Avocados on to his son Ricardo, who also works in the business. Jaime speaks highly of the people he works with on the ranch, as well as the people in the avocado and produce industries. 

From dawn to dusk, Jaime carefully nurtures his avocado grove near Escondido, California to produce only the highest–quality fruit.

Recipes by this Grower

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