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What in the Heck is a Pintxo?

avocado tapas

Tasty Tapas with California Avocados

As with all fruits and vegetables, wash avocados before cutting.
Check out our tips for how to choose and use California Avocados.

I love to graze on tapas, those flavorful small-bite dishes from Spain. So being a fan a tapas I was surprised when a colleague suggested we create some California Avocado recipes for "pintxos."

I thought, "What in the heck is a pintxo?" I found out that pintxos (pronounced "Peent-chos" and alternately spelled pinchos) vary in different regions of Spain. In some places pintxo is interchangeable with tapas, in others it means small bites served on bread, and in others it means appetizers on a skewers or toothpicks. The last comes from the verb "pinchar" in Spanish, which means "to skewer."

So we created several different toothpick appetizer pintxo recipes with a California Avocados. These avocado tapas recipes were designed for single-serve snacking, but you can easily increase the recipe quantities to serve appetizers for a group.

One of the most traditional dishes found in tapas bars is the Spanish tortilla. Completely different from the tortillas we use here in California to make tacos, burritos, tortillas and chips for guacamole, the Spanish tortilla is an omelet made with potatoes and a little onion. We made a California version by wrapping a roasted red pepper strip around a cube of Spanish tortilla and skewering it on a toothpick with a cube of California Avocado. It's so good.

avocado tapas

To make an individual-size Spanish tortilla follow the directions listed here.

avocado tapas spanish tortilla

An easier pintxos recipe is Veggie Antipasto Spears.


On each toothpick simply spear one half marinated artichoke heart, 1 Kalamata olive, 1 basil leaf, 1 grape tomato and 1 (1 ½-inch) cube of California Avocado. I like to mist these with some olive oil or balsamic dressing. There are lots of ways to vary these up with whatever you have on hand, such as roasted red peppers, slices of salami or little balls of fresh mozzarella cheese.

Basically, if you want an easy snack or fun tapas appetizer, just put a piece of California Avocado on a toothpick, add a couple of other complementary tastes and enjoy!