California Avocado season has ended.

Upcoming Changes to

We’re really excited about the future of There are a lot of improvements in the works (coming March 2015) that will make this website more accessible and easier to use than ever. I’ll let you know more about those improvements as we get closer to their launches. But with these improvements come some changes to the way we’ve always done things. Most notably to the My Recipes system.

My Recipes Closing

The recipes on our website are one of our greatest assets. We’ve collected hundreds of California Avocado recipes from chefs, bloggers, growers, dietitians and posted them for the world to enjoy. And you have! We’ve seen your pins and shares on social media, and really appreciate you helping us get our recipes out there. You’re awesome. But with the introduction of online bookmarking services like, and it seems that our My Recipes system has become secondary to the other services you are using (and that’s fine, carry on!) So with the improvements that will be launching in March 2015, we’ll be removing the My Recipes feature and functionality from our website. The saving functionality requires a high level of support, maintenance and testing, and because usage has been in decline since 2012, we are deciding to cease further support beginning in March 2015 to focus on other site improvements.

What do I do with recipes in My Recipes?

With My Recipes no longer being supported on, you will need to save them using another method. Here are some ideas: Please note: the option for new user sign-ups has already been disabled.

What else is changing?

The core functionality of the website will mostly stay the same, but look forward to new ways to view the content. Other than My Recipes, we are not taking much else away! In fact, we will be making it better. But I don’t want to give away all of the surprise just yet :)


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