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Chicken and Rainbow Veggie Skewers with California Avocado Feta Ranch

If you’re looking for a simple summer dish that’s perfect to share with friends and family, then you simply must try these Chicken and Rainbow Veggie Skewers paired with a tangy California Avocado Feta Ranch. The first skewer recipe features plump pieces of chicken thigh that have been marinated in olive oil, lemon, vinegar, garlic and herbs. The second skewer is made with a vibrant...

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California Avocado Summer Soundtrack Cookbook

When you think of California Avocado Season, do you prefer to enjoy a dish made at home? Or, do you envision packing up a picnic and heading down the coast? Whichever you prefer, we’ve got some exciting new recipes in our California Avocado Summer Soundtrack Cookbook that highlight the Golden State’s regional cuisines alongside the California music styles that inspired them. ...

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California Avocado Sorbet

Everyone knows that California Avocados can be turned into many amazing savory dishes. But did you know that California Avocados make some pretty amazing sweet dishes, too? One of my favorite things to do is use California Avocados in dessert recipes! Why? Because they easily replace eggs, butter or oil in baking recipes and have fewer calories with more health benefits.I’ve made Chocolate...

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Grilled Corn on the Cob with California Avocado Lime Butter

As the weeks of spring grow closer to summer here in California, I find myself more and more drawn to my backyard grill. The smell of the smoke, the heat of the coals, the taste of the char. We can certainly grill year-round in the Golden State, but I love it the most during late-spring and summer. Especially for a picnic or a holiday gathering.With summer holidays right around the corner, one of...

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