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The Snackadium

If anything in American culture really and truly epitomizes the expression, Go Big or Go Home, it is The Snackadium.Sure, The Snackadium, or snack-filled stadium, is big in size. But the sheer determination that fuels the construction of a Snackadium is even bigger.The motivation that drives Snackadium assembly runs deep. A Snackadium builder doesn’t just want to dip plain old snacks into...

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Queso Dip with Easy California Avocado Guacamole

Written by our friend Rachel Mathews of asouthernfairytale.comThere’s this restaurant right off the beach where my husband and I used to live, and they have the most incredible burgers I’ve ever eaten. They’re legendary, epic even. Everyone who visited us was treated to a trip to the surf club, and every single person left a believer.While the surf club burgers were the thing...

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The Fitbloggin’ Guacamole Experience

There’s food, and then there’s experience food.  These are foods that invariably create a memory just by taking a single bite.  A hotdog at a ballgame. Watermelon by the pool. Hot cider at the pumpkin patch. It’s not the same as comfort food, as in the way your grandma’s soup wraps around you like a warm blanket. Experience foods bring a moment to life and...

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St. Patrick’s Day Guacamole

Written by our friend Sabrina at TheTomatoTart.comIt’s no secret that I love California Avocados in any form, but I think my favorite way to eat them is in Guacamole.No matter what the occasion, I can always find a way to make guacamole appropriate. I’ve made cranberry guacamole for Thanksgiving and pomegranate guac for Christmas. I even did a Margarita guacamole for Taco Tuesdays, so...

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