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California Avocado Season Update

If you’ve been in the grocery store lately, you might have noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to find California grown avocados.With October 2015 now upon us, most avocado growers in California have wrapped up their Hass avocado harvests for the year. That means that for the next few months, finding California grown avocados will be a little more challenging.Finding...

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30 Days of Avocado Sandwiches

Happy California Avocado Month! Every year we celebrate California Avocado Month in June because California Avocados are at the peak of their season.California Avocado Sandwich RecipesThis year, one of the ways we’re celebrating is with 30 Days of Sandwiches. So follow along right here on The Scoop blog or on Facebook as we feature 30 unique California Avocado sandwich recipes. Need more...

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3 Ways to Celebrate California Avocado Season

If you’re anything like me, all winter long you’ve been salivating over, printing, pinning or bookmarking California Avocado recipes, and it’s just about time to put on your chef’s hat and head into the kitchen – California Avocado season is starting!To celebrate the “official” start of the season we’re hosting a (virtual) party with Registered...

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California’s Avocado Season is Coming to an End

That’s right, as we move into Fall we’ll see the avocado season in California come to an end. And as our avocado growers wrap up the California Avocado harvest, they begin to look forward to next avocado season by tending to their trees, providing the maintenance and care they require. After all, next season’s fruit is already on the trees you know!California Avocado Season...

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