California Avocado season has ended.

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The Benefits of In-Season Eating

In California, seasonal changes in the weather are subtle, so we look forward to changes in fresh produce as important markers of the seasons. For example, in fall there are locally grown pumpkins and root vegetables, and citrus in the winter. In the spring and summer there’s a bounty of fresh produce, from berries to melons, tomatoes to corn, and my personal favorite, Fresh California...

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How Avocados Fit into Today’s Popular Diets

Here in California, the land of sun and living a fit and healthy lifestyle, many people are looking for a diet or eating plan to help them look and feel their best. However, not all diets are created equal. Some are fads, some are a lifestyle that has been shown to provide health benefits and some work best based on an individual’s health issues or needs. These days, whether you’re at...

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Going Vegan or Vegetarian? 

With the abundance of health boasting benefits that may be found in eating a plant-forward diet, ranging from potentially lowering body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar (HbA1C), it’s no wonder the vegan and vegetarian styles of eating are increasingly popular. As a registered dietitian, I see people who are “doing” vegan/vegetarian right and those who are...

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Plant-powered Eating for the Entire Family

Have you heard of the term plant-powered eating? It’s also known as “plant-forward” or “eating the rainbow.” Whatever term resonates most closely with you, the message is the same: eat more heart-healthy fruits and vegetables, like Fresh California Avocados, because not only do they taste fantastic, they also may help control weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.The...

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