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4 Ways to Use California Avocados in 4th of July Traditions

From beach picnics to watching the fireworks in the same place each year, 4th of July celebrations are often ingrained traditions for family and friends. While you may not be willing to completely shake up how or where you celebrate, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes (and tips) – no matter what type of celebration you’ll attend – for you to try. Not...

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7 Ways to Celebrate #CAavocadoMonth

June marks the peak of California Avocado season and has officially been dubbed California Avocado Month! This is the time of when you’re most likely to see California Avocados available and spotting the California Avocado sticker in your produce section should be a regular – and Instagram-worthy - occurrence. How can you celebrate California Avocado Month with us? We’ve narrowed...

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5 Avocado-Loving Reasons to Be Thankful

With Thanksgiving just days away, I’ve become busier and feeling a tad more stressed than usual. I’ve been hitting the internet almost nightly to find great recipes to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration (and of course pinning anything with avocados I run across), a short week at work has created a slight backup of my to-do list, and, of course, the pressure of holiday...

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4 Healthy Avocado Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

I am a breakfast person. You won’t find me waking up to make a gourmet pancakes-and-eggs-benedict breakfast every day (although I’ve been known to take my time on weekend brunch); instead, I will often blend up a smoothie to kick-start my day. I typically make at least one smoothie with avocado per week at home and tend to also pick up one from my local juice bar sometime during the...

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