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St. Patrick’s Day Guacamole

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It’s no secret that I love California Avocados in any form, but I think my favorite way to eat them is in Guacamole.

No matter what the occasion, I can always find a way to make guacamole appropriate. I’ve made cranberry guacamole for Thanksgiving and pomegranate guac for Christmas. I even did a Margarita guacamole for Taco Tuesdays, so when I started thinking about St. Patrick’s Day, my brain went straight to guacamole.

St. Patrick's Day Guacamole

st patricks day guacamole

St. Patrick’s Day guacamole is chock full of great Irish ingredients like sharp cheddar, carrots, bacon, parsley, and onion. California Avocados may not be the most Irish of fruits, but they’re green so they fit with the St. Paddy’s Day theme, right?

st patricks day guacamole bacon

We brought a giant bowl of this over to an Irish friend’s house for his birthday. He was, let’s just say, not excited. He’s ambivalent about avocados and totally anti-guacamole. (I know, that’s a little crazy, but we still love him).

You’ll never guess what happened, he really liked the guacamole and said it was the best he’d ever had. Not bad for an avocado agnostic/guacamole Grinch!

One of my favorite things about this St. Patrick’s Day guacamole is the balance of creamy California Avocados with crunchy carrots, crisp onion, sharp Irish cheddar, and salty bacon. It pretty much covers all of the bases of deliciousness.

st patricks day guacamole

We did a poll asking everyone which was the preferred vehicle for this Irish-themed guac: tortilla chips, potato chips, or carrots. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, the carrots had a slight edge. I suggest serving this with all three options! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!