Mealtime Satisfaction with California Avocados

Written by our friend Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN

Mick Jagger sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction,” but maybe that’s because he didn’t know how to choose the right foods, like California Avocados. Let’s face it – there are lots of foods that can fill you up, but ideally, it’s much more rewarding to experience satiety, a term food and nutrition professionals use to describe a satisfied feeling you experience after eating.

Nutrient-rich foods rule when it comes to helping to creating hunger-quenching meals and snacks, and California Avocados contain 3.5 grams of good fats (mono- and polyunsaturated) per one-ounce serving which can help contribute to satiety-enhancing recipes.

Whether you are looking to support your weight loss goals or aiming for a healthier eating pattern, here are a couple delicious ways California Avocados can be part of the satisfaction solution every day.

Build a filling breakfast with nutrient-rich foods

Try the nutritional trifecta of protein, carbohydrates and good fats to help provide energy throughout your morning AND feel satisfied. A quick and easy combo is to enjoy mashed California Avocado and a cooked egg on top of 100% whole- grain toast or try my new make-ahead egg muffin breakfast recipe I whipped up for the California Avocado Commission.

California Avocado Toast Three Ways

avocado on toast

Eggs-traordinary California Avocado Breakfast Muffins

egg avocado muffin

Include avocados at lunch to help satisfy your mid-day appetite

Fruits and vegetables provide dietary fiber that helps fill you up and keep your digestive system happy. California Avocados provide 4% of the recommended Daily Value of dietary fiber. Try adding tasty California Avocados to your lunchtime salads, like my summer-inspired California Avocado salad, or in filling sandwiches, like this California Avocado and Chicken Summer Sandwich.

Sensational Summer Salad with California Avocados

Sensational Summer Salad FINAL 7-7-14

California Avocado and Chicken Summer Sandwich


Do you have a favorite meal or snack idea made with California Avocados that leave you feeling satisfied until the next meal?