California Avocado season has ended.

Compartes White Chocolate and California Avocado Bars

When Compartes (Los Angeles) reached out to us to tell us they were interested in producing a white chocolate bar made with local California Avocados, we knew we had to seize the opportunity. 

“At Compart├ęs, we are passionate about creating beautiful, luxury chocolate that explores unexpected flavors. I’m a native Angeleno, so I love celebrating the fresh produce we’re so lucky to have in California whenever we can. Naturally, our next creation just had to include California Avocados. The blend of creamy avocados and Compartes signature white chocolate is an unbeatable and super unique combination!” - Compartes owner, and head chocolatier Jonathan Grahm

Their old-fashioned chocolate factory, established in 1950, showcases the craft chocolate creations of Jonathan Grahm, a third-generation chocolatier who oversees the ideation, production and quality of more than 200 different and often unexpected flavors – like their newest flavor: White Chocolate and California Avocado Bars. 

The white chocolate bars are made with in-season, locally grown California Avocados and a signature blend of white chocolate that is roasted and selected to the specifications of Jonathan himself. The bars are a one-of-a-kind offering and supplies are very limited. 

I was invited by Compartes to come out to their store in Brentwood, California to watch as they cooked up their avocado chocolate bars. 

Making Avocado Chocolate Bars

Here’s a look behind the scenes at how they produce their chocolate bars, one small batch at a time. 

First they start with melting down their unique blend of white chocolate.


While that is coming to temperature, they cut, scoop and mash California Avocados to a fine consistency. Some small chunks are actually desired because they are visible in the final product! 

Afterwards, the avocado is added directly into the melted white chocolate and stirred to ensure consistent distribution. I was told by Jonathan that this ensures maximum flavor infusion and is a unique process – he noted that large-scale chocolate makers are unable to add ingredients directly to the chocolate because of their production processes but it is possible with Compartes’ ultra-small batch production. 


Afterwards, the mixture is ladled into custom molds and spread as evenly as possible. 


The molds are placed in a refrigerator where the chocolate is left to cool and set. From there they are tapped out onto baking sheets and staged for packaging.

You’ll know a piece of Compartes chocolate when you see one because of their iconic triangle pieces, the perfect-sized bite of chocolate. 

All packaging (like their entire process) is done by hand right in their store. The unique artwork for the bars also was designed in-store also, and consists of each team member’s own hand-drawn version of an avocado, laid out in a fun pattern that is unmistakably California Avocado. 

These limited-time bars are available now both in-store at their Brentwood location as well as online. Get them while you can!