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2015 All American Recipe Contest Winners

The results are in for our 2015 All American Recipe Contest!

Over 80 unique recipes were entered into this year’s contest - and we were absolutely blown away at your creativity this year. You know that saying “think outside the box?” You guys totally get it. Bravo on surprising us with interesting usage ideas, beautiful photos and loads of inventiveness.

After a long, arduous process of scoring, deliberation, tasting and tasting some more (hey somebody has to do it!)… we have our winners!

Here are the 2015 All American Recipe Contest winners shown with their author’s submitted photo.

As with all fruits and vegetables, wash avocados before cutting.
Check out our tips for how to choose and use California Avocados.

Favorite 4th of July Recipe

Grand Prize Winner: Avocado Crab Pizza with Fireworks Sauce by Hidemi W.


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Author’s description: Avocado and crab pizza with tangy pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on naan bread. Top with my original spicy sauce, Fireworks sauce.

Our thoughts: There was much debate about many of the recipes entered into this contest during the tasting phase, but this one was without a doubt a judge favorite. The chunks of crab, choice of crust (naan bread) and the spicy sauce took this recipe over the top for us. We think everyone will like this recipe too. Excellent job Hidemi!

Runner-up Winner: Chicken Avocado Burgers by Kathi K.


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Author’s description: This easy chicken burger recipe goes from kitchen to table in just 20 minutes. It’s a delicious combination of ground chicken tossed with Fresh chunks of California Avocado and seasonings.

Our thoughts: By now you should know that we are huge fans of grilling avocados. Add ground chicken and some delicious seasoning to the mix and you have a clear winner in this Favorite 4th of July category. These turkey burgers are juicy, creamy and so succulent with or without a bun. Our judges enjoyed this twist on the chicken burger with avocado in the actual patty. Thank you Kathi! What a wonderful recipe you have created.

Beverage Recipe (Smoothies, Shakes or Adult Beverages)

Grand Prize Winner: Avocado Margarita (Mezcal Margarita with California Avocado) by Pamela B.


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Author’s description: You won’t be confusing this avocado cocktail with some kind of veggie drink…it’s definitely an alcohol filled cocktail, but the avocado gives it a richness and a slight bit of sweetness. The grapefruit combined with the avocado is a pairing as natural as Fred and Ginger.

Our thoughts: We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we added the beverage category to this recipe contest, but this Avocado Margarita both enticed us and delivered on its promises. The avocado gives the margarita a creamy consistency, which helps balance out all of the flavors going on in this slightly boozy drink. Way to go Pamela! We thought this cocktail was fabulous and were going back to it throughout our tasting day even after tasting this particular recipe concluded.

Runner-up Winner: The Palm Tree by Robbin W.


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Author’s description: A light refreshing adult beverage best described as a cross between a blended cocktail and a smoothie, The Palm Tree uses fresh ingredients such as California Avocado, freshly squeezed lime juice, granny smith apple, and pineapple juice. Coconut rum adds the right amount flavor to give this drink “cocktail status.”

A beautiful palm tree garnishes the cocktail, simply made from apple slices, a pineapple wedge, and green maraschino cherries.

Our thoughts: Outside of this recipe’s attention grabbing appearance, we thought Robbin’s description was absolutely accurate - a cross between a blended cocktail and a smoothie. The fresh fruit was a welcome addition, and complimented the coconut rum, avocado and carbonated water very well. Although on the sweeter side, it would be very easy to drink your fair share (and more) of this delightfully refreshing drink. We thought this was a perfect drink to make during summer get togethers. Thank you Robbin!

Guacamoles, Salsas and Dips Recipe

Grand Prize Winner: Chocolate Avocado Fondue by Maria D.


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Author’s description: Chocolate fondue is always a huge hit whenever I make for parties both among kids and adults! The addition of buttery CALIFORNIA AVOCADOS compliments works wonderfully well!

Our thoughts: The last thing we expected in the Guacamole, Salsas and DIPS category was a DESSERT dip! Needless to say, when we saw this one on the scoring sheet it immediately caught our attention. We had never thought of adding avocado to a chocolate fondue but it makes complete sense! Though the concept may sound odd (hopefully it doesn’t) we thought avocado chocolate fondue was absolutely brilliant. In a category full of guacamoles and salsas, it stood out and drew us in. Try this recipe at your next get together! Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful recipe Maria!

Runner-up Winner: Competition Worthy Guacamole by Krissy A.


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Author’s description: California Avocados + five additional ingredients make the most mouthwatering and delicious guacamole that everyone will love!

Our thoughts: We’ve found that there are (for the most part) two types of guacamole eaters - purists, who prefer a simple guacamole with very few ingredients, and those who are more adventurous and like some complexity, who build their guacamole recipes up with ingredients (including those you might not normally think to add to a guacamole).

Amongst our judging panel, this landed somewhere in the middle - appealing to both types of guacamole eaters doing the tasting. We found this to be a simple guac, with slightly-different-than-the-norm ingredients like shallots, bacon and sun dried tomatoes. The addition of classic ingredients like lime juice, salt and wonderful quality California Avocados balanced the recipe out and made it one we can’t live without. Bravo Krissy! Competition Worthy Guacamole indeed.

Bonus! Flower Feature

Because the bonus flower feature recipes were not tested (rather judged based on inclusion of flowers and photo quality) we do not have any tasting notes for these recipes, but we wanted to share them here as they were particularly pretty and offer some insightful ways to garnish your tablescape with fresh California grown flowers.

Grand Prize Winner: Avocado 4th of July Deviled Eggs by Renata S.


Runner-up Winner: Spicy Avocado Mango Salad by Juana M.



Huge congratulations to all of our winners, and to everyone who entered for thinking about all of the different types of ways to enjoy California Avocados. We came away from the contest inspired and humbled by your creative usage ideas.

Thoughts for next year?

Have any ideas for next year’s All American Recipe contest? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see what we can do about incorporating them into the structure!

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