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How To: Throw An Extra Festive Fourth of July Party

Fourth of July Party Tips

As with all fruits and vegetables, wash avocados before cutting.
Check out our tips for how to choose and use California Avocados.

Family, friends, fireworks, fun, food and Fresh California Avocados – it’s no wonder Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the one day of the year where everyone celebrates our great country’s independence and meets up to eat and be happy (and it’s usually when I go on vacation – woohoo!) It also happens to be one of the top avocado consumption events of the year and my 4th of July party will be no exception.

We’ve been working with some of our blogger partners on ideas for adding green –  avocado –  to your red, white and blue picnics, BBQs and family-friendly parties (see the Pinterest board below). While I’m no pinning addict, spending time on Pinterest comes with my job and I’ve already started getting menu and party ideas together. Today, I’m sharing a few of them with you.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan to entertain on the Fourth of July.


Of course, the menu is my favorite thing to plan and execute. I grew up in the kitchen stirring cookie dough batter for my Mom and prepping the grill for my Dad, and although I haven’t finalized all of what I’m going to make for Independence Day, the following 4th of July recipes are pretty high on my list. 

firecracker guacamole recipeFirecracker Guacamole
This spicy guacamole served in a hollowed-out mini-watermelon half is a staple for any summer party, whether I’m hosting or bring a potluck side or snack to share. You knock out two meals too –  dice up the watermelon and store it in the fridge while you’re eating the guacamole!

Guacamole Potato SaladGuacamole Potato Salad
A fresh reinvention of a summer BBQ classic, this recipe calls for Serrano pepper, garlic and avocado instead of the mayonnaise. I never add mayonnaise to anything and I know you won’t miss the fat or calories in this one. I like to add a little lemon or lime and a dash of cumin for some zing. Regular russet potatoes will work just as well as the called for red potatoes.

Guacamole Hot DogsCalifornia Guacamole Hot Dog

Have you ever tried adding guac to your hot dog? Once I tried it, I never went back. Warning: this recipe has a little kick from the Fresno chiles, but you can also leave them out for the kiddos (or pay close attention to their reaction and share it on YouTube… either way!)


Toasted Marshmallow-Chocolate Frozen Pops

These popsicles, while not particularly patriotic-themed, are like frozen s’more pops. I can’t get enough of them because it is a well-known fact that I am a chocolate fiend. I stash chocolate everywhere and always have a selection of dark chocolate on my desk for all to enjoy. Gretchen at came up with these dairy-free popsicles and they taste amazing. If you didn’t know there was avocado in them, you’d have no idea based on taste alone. So surprise your friends!


I don’t pretend to be an expert decorator, as long as my space is clean and smells pleasant I’m generally pretty happy, but I do appreciate when hosts put a DIY twist to personalize a party. Here are some ideas to creative juices flowing:

  • Watermelon carve-out messages. Not only are they festive – but, they’re a total photo-op for all of your guests (I’m even thinking once I get the caving tools out to give it a try on a California Avocado)! Be careful with sharp knives, kiddos.
  • American flag mason jars. These DIY painted mason jars would make for excellent utensil holders (those Guacamole Hot Dogs can get messy). Theme them however you like, they would also make for a great vase with off-set red, white and blue flowers in them.
  • 4th of July table runner. Simple, useful and impressive – pretty much the perfect decoration, and very inexpensive to make which is important if you only plan on using it once. You can get burlap at any fabric store, or most hardware stores. Just make sure to shake it out well before using it because sometimes they can have shreds of fabric that like to make your floor messy. Cut some shapes out of foam and get to decorating! Works for other themed parties, too.

Games & Activities

If you’re hosting a party, it is important to make guests feel comfortable with each other. One way to encourage conversation and bonding among guests who may not know each other (or even those that do) is with games – in between bites of guacamole, of course. What games and activities you make available at your party should vary based on the number of guests so that everyone can be involved (if they want to) and feel comfortable getting to know one another.

Smaller Groups

With a smaller group of people, it’s easy to include everyone in one activity. A few outdoor game ideas that sound really fun to me are:

  • Giant Jenga. Your whole group can participate in this game – just watch out when it starts to tip!
  • Outdoor Twister. Ok, this one may be reserved for close friends or kids, but how fun is this? A hose or sprinklers make clean up a cinch.

Larger Groups

If you’re expecting a larger group of people, breaking people into teams may make it easier for them to mingle and really get to know the other guests. Plus, everyone loves a little (friendly) competition –  just be sure to keep changing up the team members so everyone gets to meet. Another alternative is to ask a few people to start the games and encourage organic participation.

  • Guacamole Cook-Off. When sending out invitations (I’m a fan of e-vites or Facebook events because they are easier than trying to coordinate with lots of people directly), ask your guests to pick up some California Avocados and make their favorite guacamole recipe. Include a link to “How to Find your Signature Guacamole Recipe” to inspire creativity. At the party, scoop each of the recipes into plastic bowls and write the name of the person who brought it on the bottom. Then, number the bowls and set them out for guests to try (you’ll need plenty of chips and/or raw veggies for dipping). Before anyone leaves, take a vote on the favorites – winner gets bragging rights. Let them know they should also enter their recipes in our All-American Recipe Contest. There is a guacamole category!

Are you planning your own 4th of July celebration? Tell me your tips on making your party a hit in the comments below. Of course if you have any great recipes for 4th of July, I’d love to hear how you are incorporating avocados into them!