Celebrating Grandparents Day with California’s Avocado Growers

We wouldn’t have multi-generational family avocado farmers here in California without our avocado-growing elders. That’s why I wanted to take some time out to give some special recognition to all of the avocado growers in California who have grandchildren - in honor of Grandparent’s Day this September 7th, 2014.

So often we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (and understandably so), but grandparents are precious, and I think they -- and their families -- deserve a special shout out.

Take the Axell family, for example.

grandparents day avocado

Randy Axell (shown above with his daughter and two grandchildren) was born and raised in California, and is a fourth-generation farmer and third-generation avocado grower. His 40-acre ranch was named using a combination of his parents’ names: Ross and Dorothy, to form what is now known as Rancho Rodoro.

IMG_4038 (1)

Randy is one of the nearly 5,000 avocado growers in California that is passionate about food safety and takes great pride in providing a high quality end product. He only works with partners who place as much importance on quality and safety as he does.



He’s also the star of one of our most recent videos:

Or the Lyall’s, four generations of family farmers:


The Lyall’s started growing citrus in the 1930’s and began growing avocados in early 2000. They’ve taken an aggressive approach to conservation by installing solar panels that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint.


They believe farming is an honorable profession (it is!) and take great pride in growing a delicious product that people really enjoy.


They’re extremely grateful for each and every opportunity they’ve been presented with and work to continue the family business for generations to come.

So to all of the grandparents out there (California Avocado growers or otherwise), keep doing what you do, sharing your love with your children and grandchildren and offering your wisdom and guidance to the world. We appreciate you.