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Savory Sandwiches with California Avocados

Sandwiches are the centerpiece of many a great food debate, and while each state may have a unique specialty dish or flavor, a look into the unique regional sandwiches found across the country can tell you a great deal about each community, its history and its collective palate. But which state should claim the title of sandwich king? A Tale of Two PortlandsOne is a woodland cove dwarfed by a...

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California Avocado Cardamom Ice Cream

I have a recipe for an avocado-cardamom smoothie in my new cookbook that I consistently make during California Avocado season, so it would make sense that I'd love it in ice cream form, too (it's essentially a milkshake already, so I figured, why not reverse-engineer things a bit?). The flavors were inspired by the avocado ice cream served on toasted milk bread at Morgenstern’s in...

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Green Pizza with California Avocados

Summer is nearly here, and with it, a bounty of delicious green things including California Avocados! Although you can purchase avocados and asparagus year-round, they are in season in the US during the spring and summer months.This pizza recipe starts with a simple base of mozzarella, Parmesan and chopped asparagus spears. The asparagus turns tender and golden in spots as it cooks in a super hot...

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BBQ Favorites with California Avocados

Barbecue rivalries in America often feel like sibling rivalries, with each state claiming superiority over its counterparts. Americans have a passion for grilling that can only be described as fiery, and good American barbecue is measured by its finger-lickin’ nature, sometimes even on a one-to-five-fingers-licked scale. Each region has a carefully crafted barbecue culture influenced by a...

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