California’s Avocado Season is Coming to an End

That’s right, as we move into Fall we’ll see the avocado season in California come to an end. And as our avocado growers wrap up the California Avocado harvest, they begin to look forward to next avocado season by tending to their trees, providing the maintenance and care they require. After all, next season’s fruit is already on the trees you know!

California Avocado Season Update

avocado seasonTo get a closer look at what the avocado growers in California are up to right now, I headed to Bianchi Farms to talk with Gene Bianchi about what he’s doing to prepare for next avocado season.

avocado seasonavocado seasonGene, an organic avocado grower, wrapped up his harvest in September, and has been keeping busy every day since with pruning, fertilizing, watering and maintenance to ensure that next season’s avocados continue their growth cycle until their harvest in the spring. Because avocado trees carry their avocados for 12-18 months, it’s important to maintain tree health to keep those avocados growing.

avocado seasonI have some good news for you!

Gene has a great looking crop for the 2015 avocado season. He has quite a bit of fruit on the trees, with some excellent looking size given that it’s only October. As you can see in the photo up above, Gene has to stake the branches of his trees up so the weight of the fruit doesn’t damage the tree! That’s a good problem to have if you ask me.

But what does it all mean? Well, it’s still early, but all signs point towards a robust California Avocado crop next year, barring any extreme weather conditions (heat, wind, freeze etc.)

If all goes as expected, Gene and many of our growers will start to check the size and oil content of their avocados and once ready will begin to pick. Some will start harvesting as early as February 2015.

While I was with Gene, we filmed a little video so you can hear an update directly from him. Check it out:

So keep your eyes peeled for “California” on the avocado label as we get into Spring 2015! I filmed some other videos of Gene talking about his water conservation techniques, so stay tuned to hear more about that.

In the mean time, if you are purchasing avocados and are not getting the quality you expect, let your produce manager know of your preference for California Avocados so they can get them back in stock when they are available!