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30 Days of Avocado Sandwiches

Happy California Avocado Month! Every year we celebrate California Avocado Month in June because California Avocados are at the peak of their season.California Avocado Sandwich RecipesThis year, one of the ways we’re celebrating is with 30 Days of Sandwiches. So follow along right here on The Scoop blog or on Facebook as we feature 30 unique California Avocado sandwich recipes. Need more...

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7 Ways to Celebrate #CAavocadoMonth

June marks the peak of California Avocado season and has officially been dubbed California Avocado Month! This is the time of when you’re most likely to see California Avocados available and spotting the California Avocado sticker in your produce section should be a regular – and Instagram-worthy - occurrence. How can you celebrate California Avocado Month with us? We’ve narrowed...

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Burger or Salad: Would You Rather

Every year around this time I begin thinking about enjoying more meals outdoors, especially BBQing outside with my friends and loved ones. While I’ve tried many of the summertime recipes that we have available on our website, it never fails that the first things that come to mind when summertime rolls around are produce-filled salads and juicy burgers. To me, there’s just nothing more...

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How to Cut an Avocado Without Cutting Your Hand

After receiving a number of messages (and photos - ouch!) recently from folks who are having trouble with cutting an avocado, I thought I’d take some time to run through the process of safely cutting an avocado.5 tips to help you cut an avocado without cutting yourselfHere are some easy ways to safely cut an avocado. The below assumes your avocados have been washed and toweled dry prior to...

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