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California Avocados NOW in Season!

It’s officially springtime which means that California’s avocado growers are beginning to pick their beloved avocados.  I always think it’s fascinating that the avocados being harvested now through summer actually formed from flowers in early 2016! That’s because avocado trees carry two crops on them at a time, and on average an avocado will stay on a tree for 12-14...

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2016 California Avocado Season Winding Down

It’s that time of year again. Summer is coming to a close, and with it, the California Avocado season begins to wind down as we head into fall.  By now, most California Avocado growers have wrapped up harvests, or will be wrapping up harvests soon. We expect that in the coming weeks availability will decrease; so when you are shopping remember to check the avocado label for &ldquo...

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10 Cinco de Mayo Avocado Recipe Ideas From Instagram

It’s no wonder why Cinco de Mayo is one of the top avocado consumption events of the year. With folks hitting the market for fresh California Avocados and other in-season produce, the possibilities to create something unique and delicious are endless.Thats why I wanted to post a little shout out to our awesome Instagram friends who tag us in their California Avocado recipe creations. With...

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California Avocados, Now in Season!

It’s springtime, and that officially marks the beginning of the California Avocado season! I was recently out in an avocado grove in San Diego County and was very happy to see avocado harvesting in progress with many beautiful, ready-to-harvest avocados on the trees!Just-picked avocados in Fallbrook, California in mid-March 2016 If you’ve been in a grocery store lately you may have...

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