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St. Patrick’s Day Guacamole

Written by our friend Sabrina at TheTomatoTart.comIt’s no secret that I love California Avocados in any form, but I think my favorite way to eat them is in Guacamole.No matter what the occasion, I can always find a way to make guacamole appropriate. I’ve made cranberry guacamole for Thanksgiving and pomegranate guac for Christmas. I even did a Margarita guacamole for Taco Tuesdays, so...

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Cinco de Mayo: Margarita Guacamole Recipe

Cinco de Mayo means three things: celebration, margaritas and guacamole. This Cinco de Mayo Margarita Guacamole incorporates two of those things! Now, it’s up to you if you’re going to celebrate with a big group of friends, or a big bowl of chips. Get the recipeThis simple Cinco de Mayo guacamole recipe is made with fresh, ripe, California Avocados, a big dose of citrus, and a...

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