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Light and Fluffy California Avocado Dinner Rolls

I love experimenting with California Avocados in new recipes, but especially baked goods.  I first started my foray into including avocados in baked goods a few years ago, but only recently did I get really adventurous and try adding avocados into bread machine yeast bread recipes. The experiments have been a huge success, resulting in yeast bread recipes that are light, fluffy and flavorful...

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Avocado Carrot Cupcake Recipe

It’s nearly winter, which means it’s the season I crave getting into my kitchen and baking up a storm. The only problem with this time of year is that California Avocados aren’t as readily available. Thankfully, there are farmers ready to help the avocado lovers out there by shipping tasty California Avocados right to our home. You can find a list of farmers saving the day...

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California Avocado and Black Bean Soup

When you think about soup, you probably think about cool fall days or snowy winter weather. A big bowl of soup can do so much to warm you from the inside out.I love soup in the colder months, but I also really love finding soup recipes that I can eat all year round. This warm California Avocado and Black Bean Soup is a great recipe for both the colder months and the warmer months. It’s...

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Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

I still remember the first Mother’s Day I had when my older kids were able to cook. I had a brand new baby and was craving sleep in the worst way. All I told my husband I wanted for Mother’s Day was to be treated to a few hours of extra sleep in the morning. I happily went to bed that night knowing that besides feeding the baby, I could sleep in as long as I wanted to the next morning....

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