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What To Bring To A Thanksgiving Potluck

When we’re asked to bring a dish to Friendsgiving or our family’s Thanksgiving gathering, a few classic come to mind: mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole and the like. In an effort to make the spread as diverse as possible, we always try to think outside the Thanksgiving box, bringing a new and innovative dish we hope will go on to become a Thanksgiving staple...

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Creamy and Crunchy: California Avocados + California Walnuts

Is it all about flavor or do we eat with our eyes, as the saying goes? Ultimate enjoyment from food comes when multiple senses are involved. The aroma of a dish totally impacts the perception of taste, and texture can make one dish invigorating and another comforting. From the loud crunch of crisp veggies to the slurp of a hot broth, the sound a food makes also can add to the experience. ...

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Labor Day Recipes with California Avocados

Today, we have an extra special reason to celebrate. In honor of Labor Day, we want to offer our deepest gratitude to our growers. They provide skilled TLC to our California Avocados making them the rich, creamy fruit we all love ¬– from seedling to supermarket.  Our growers are now tending the 2017 crop as the 2016 California Avocado season comes to a close. After all, it...

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California Avocado Mural Comes To Life in San Francisco

Living in California, we have a lot to be thankful for – from the coastal breezes and gentle sun to our favorite fruit, the California Avocado. To show our appreciation of the Golden State, we partnered with John Van Hamersveld, a renowned artist, to help us come up with a way to effectively do just that. The result? An eye-catching mural in San Francisco.  Van Hamersveld was...

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