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California Avocado Summer Soundtrack Cookbook

When you think of California Avocado Season, do you prefer to enjoy a dish made at home? Or, do you envision packing up a picnic and heading down the coast? Whichever you prefer, we’ve got some exciting new recipes in our California Avocado Summer Soundtrack Cookbook that highlight the Golden State’s regional cuisines alongside the California music styles that inspired them. ...

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Introducing The CADO, an Avocado Experience 

We are so very excited to announce our partnership with CADO, an avocado pop-up experience celebrating California's favorite fruit. Coming to San Diego in June 2018!A California Avocado Experience We can't wait to share all of the details of this one-of-a-kind avocado exhibit with you, but like avocados, good things take time and a little California sunshine to grow. Stay...

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15 Heart-Check Certified Avocado Recipes

California Avocado fans have long said that California Avocados are good for you and, for years health professionals have called them healthy. Now California Avocados are Heart-Check certified by the American Heart Association®.     More than 20 years ago, American Heart Association® established the Heart-Check mark, which gives consumers an easy and reliable way to identify...

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Create California Art With Avocado Coloring Sheets

California Avocados aren’t just made in California, they’re made of California. From the care local growers put into cultivating fresh avocados to the grocers who help bring our healthy fruit to your table, California is home to many thoughtful, creative characters.   Californians are known for being optimistic and active, while also being able to stop and appreciate the beauty...

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