California Avocado season has ended.

2018 California Avocado Season Coming to a Close 

The California Avocado season is winding down as we enter September 2018. With the majority of the crop already harvested, we’ll continue to see California Avocado supply decrease as the weeks go by and then eventually taper off. 


Due to very high demand this season, and record heat spells in July and August, the season moved along somewhat quicker than originally anticipated. 

Speaking of the heat, avocado trees prefer a moderate climate, and do best below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During periods of extremely high heat, avocado trees can suffer sun damage causing leaves and branches to turn brown, and fruit to drop as a result. Leading up to and during these recent heatwaves, California Avocado growers accelerated their harvests. 


The good news is, the 2019 crop is already set on the trees and after the heat, it’s great to see nature revitalizing: 


New growth shown in late August. New growth can take on a very pretty orange/reddish hue.

We are looking forward to a fresh crop next year, with harvests estimated to start in January and ramp up in the Spring. 

As always, stay tuned to Season Updates here on The Scoop for the latest information on the California Avocado season. 

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