California Avocados NOW in Season!

It’s officially springtime which means that California’s avocado growers are beginning to pick their beloved avocados. 

I always think it’s fascinating that the avocados being harvested now through summer actually formed from flowers in early 2016! That’s because avocado trees carry two crops on them at a time, and on average an avocado will stay on a tree for 12-14 months (share)! 


We’ve also been fortunate this year here in California, and have received some much-appreciated rain: 


When walking through an avocado grove, it’s easy to see how happy and healthy the trees look, which in turn means delicious avocados! 



We’re looking forward to a great avocado season here in California. Availablity is expected from late spring through summer, so be sure to look for California on the avocado label next time you shop! 

Finding California Avocados This Season

Looking for California Avocados? Drop us a comment below and we’ll help you find some, or check out these tips for finding California Avocados. Alternatively, consider ordering California Avocados online