California Avocados are Now in Season!

It’s that time again… time for California Avocados! 

The 2018 California Avocado season is ramping up, and in the coming weeks you’ll see more and more California Avocados in stores as growers begin (and continue) to harvest their avocado crops.

We’re expecting a great crop this year and based on a recent visit to an avocado grove in Santa Paula, California, this season’s avocados look amazing! Here are a couple of pics I snapped:




California Avocado season is expected to be early spring through summer this year, with peak availability from late March into September. 

We’ve already begun to update our California Avocado store locator, with many more updates to come as retailers start to carry avocados from the Golden State. As always, look for the California label on your avocados to be sure you’re getting avocados grown here in the USA. 

More tips on how to find California Avocados this season