California Avocado season has ended.

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California Avocado Season is Coming to an End

The seasons have changed, and with the change from summer to fall comes the end of the California Avocado season. California Avocado growers throughout the state began harvesting in early-spring and as of the end of September have harvested about 200 million pounds of avocado this season. To put this into perspective, that’s about 400 million avocados! Next California Avocado...

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2019 California Avocado Season Update

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year because that’s when California Avocado harvests begin to really ramp up! It has been a wet winter here in California, which helps avocado tree health and fruit sizing. California Avocado growing regions received considerable rainfall early this season. As I type, many avocado trees here are still damp from recent rains. The weather has...

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Are California Avocados available year-round?

California Avocado season is certainly an exciting and delicious time – but when exactly does it occur? Although you may see avocados in stores all year round, it's important to know that California Avocados are not available all year round. Each year, California Avocados are in season from spring through summer/early fall, with the bulk of the fruit staying in the Western United...

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2018 California Avocado Season Coming to a Close 

The California Avocado season is winding down as we enter September 2018. With the majority of the crop already harvested, we’ll continue to see California Avocado supply decrease as the weeks go by and then eventually taper off. Due to very high demand this season, and record heat spells in July and August, the season moved along somewhat quicker than originally anticipated. ...

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