California Avocado season has ended.

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The Food That Fits Your Lifestyle

Picture this scenario:You’re about to host a party for 50. As the RSVPs start to trickle in, you see a few guests have written special dietary notes. “Okay, no big deal, I can do a dairy-free menu,” you say to yourself. The day before the big bash, a few late RSVPs roll in and before you know it you have a vegan, two vegetarians, three low sodium, one low-carb, six gluten-free...

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The Benefits of In-Season Eating

In California, seasonal changes in the weather are subtle, so we look forward to changes in fresh produce as important markers of the seasons. For example, in fall there are locally grown pumpkins and root vegetables, and citrus in the winter. In the spring and summer there’s a bounty of fresh produce, from berries to melons, tomatoes to corn, and my personal favorite, Fresh California...

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Taste the Fresh Flavors of California

California has been home to me for more than 30 years and I love everything about living here, including the fresh produce and delicious food it has to offer; especially California Avocados. This versatile heart-healthy superfood is a must-have in the kitchen of most California home cooks. In my private practice as a registered dietitian many clients come to me to help with their various...

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How Avocados Fit into Today’s Popular Diets

Here in California, the land of sun and living a fit and healthy lifestyle, many people are looking for a diet or eating plan to help them look and feel their best. However, not all diets are created equal. Some are fads, some are a lifestyle that has been shown to provide health benefits and some work best based on an individual’s health issues or needs. These days, whether you’re at...

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