Wish They All Could Be California

Campaign captured the essence of the Golden State and the unique qualities of its iconic fruit.


Created in 1978, the California Avocado Commission strives to increase demand for California Avocados through advertising, promotion, public relations and related industry activities that benefit the state's nearly 4,000 avocado growers.

Using Fresh California Avocados is one sure way to put the taste, color and unique essence of the golden state on a plate. Grown in a gentle land blessed with sunny days and ocean breezes, California Avocados bring a rich full flavor and distinctive locale to dishes. Ripe and ready to enhance independent, chain and onsite menus, each slice, dice and cube of California Avocado delivers the irresistible temptation for one more bite. 

The California Avocado industry’s commitment to local, sustainable agriculture is reflected in the superb quality and flavor of each and ever fruit. Serve Fresh California Avocados: a sure sign you care about your customers. 

Wish They All Could Be California Ad Campaign

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