2017 California Avocado Season Winding Down

Like many fruits and vegetables (did you know the avocado is a fruit?) California Avocados have seasonal availability, generally spring – fall. 

Avocado growers throughout California have been harvesting their crops since February this year, but the harvest is starting to wind down as we move into August. 

Retailers and restaurants carrying California Avocados will continue to carry them as long as they are available but we will start to see them transition to other sources of supply as availability winnows. 

You can check for availability near you by using our store locator, reach out to one of the grower/shippers that sell California Avocados online or learn more about where to find California Avocados

Next California Avocado Season 

Though it is early, the 2018 crop is looking excellent. Since avocados take 12-14 months to grow and mature, we can already see the avocados that will be harvested next spring - fall! 


Though they are small now, they are growing … everyday … and with a few more months, these baby avocados will size up and mature into the delicious locally grown California Avocados we all know and love! 

Here are a few more pictures of next season’s avocados:




Stay tuned for more updates on the coming season. We’ll post seasonal updates here on The Scoop, and you can look for crop updates on a more ongoing basis on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Thank you for continuing to support California’s avocado growers by enjoying California Avocados!