California Avocado season has ended.

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Autumn California Avocado Toast

I loooooove me some avocado toast. But I also love fall and I cannot wait for some cooler weather, fall flavors and some cozy company. I can see it now. Invite a few friends over for a dinner party, pour a little wine and enjoy these perfect little Autumn California Avocado Toasts while dinner finishes up in the slow cooker. I love the contrast of the creamy avocados, crunchy apples and...

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California Avocado Season is Coming to an End

The seasons have changed, and with the change from summer to fall comes the end of the California Avocado season. California Avocado growers throughout the state began harvesting in early-spring and as of the end of September have harvested about 200 million pounds of avocado this season. To put this into perspective, that’s about 400 million avocados! Next California Avocado...

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California Avocado and Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches

Perfect for a hurried morning before school or work, these tasty breakfast sandwiches pair slices of ripe California Avocado with a homemade sausage patty infused with fall flavors. If you’ve never made sausage at home before, you simply must give this recipe a try. It’s so simple!You start by mixing up one pound of ground pork with grated apple, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and spices...

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