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Buffalo Turkey Ranch with California Avocado Ranch

Inspired by so many famous sandwiches from across the country, this recipe packs some serious flavor. A must-make for anyone who loves buffalo wings. Here’s how it stacks up: Bottom brioche bun Chopped turkey dressing in buffalo sauce Pepper Jack cheese Tomato Pickles Bacon Lettuce Avocado Ranch Top brioche bunWhen the club first debuted as a special at a local San Diego...

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Savory Sandwiches with California Avocados

Sandwiches are the centerpiece of many a great food debate, and while each state may have a unique specialty dish or flavor, a look into the unique regional sandwiches found across the country can tell you a great deal about each community, its history and its collective palate. But which state should claim the title of sandwich king? A Tale of Two PortlandsOne is a woodland cove dwarfed by a...

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​Cuban-Inspired Grilled Cheese with an Avocado Twist

The grilled cheese is a classic. Golden brown crust and a gooey cheesy center; it’s the quintessential sandwich in its simplicity.  I grew up eating old-fashioned grilled cheeses. You know, white bread, American singles cooked with a pat of butter in an old fashioned non-stick skillet. I’d have a bowl of tomato soup on the side or in the summer carrot sticks and not the &ldquo...

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California Avocado Summer Wrap

Did you know avocado is technically a fruit? Actually, I just found out it’s considered a berry which may be why it pairs beautifully with other berries like my all-time favorite, the blueberry.  From muffins to salsa this duo packs a punch of awesomeness and takes some rather ordinary dishes to a whole new level.  In the summer, however, there’s a third fruit many may...

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