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The Avocado: Fruit or Vegetable?

avocado fruit vegetable

Every so often, someone will write me or ask me at a California Avocado Festival: is it true that the avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable? Yes, the Avocado is a fruit! Confirmed: the California Avocado is a nutrient-dense fruit, not a vegetable, belonging to the genus Persea in the Lauraceae family. And did […]

Upcoming Changes to CaliforniaAvocado.com

We’re really excited about the future of CaliforniaAvocado.com. There are a lot of improvements in the works (coming March 2015) that will make this website more accessible and easier to use than ever. I’ll let you know more about those improvements as we get closer to their launches. But with these improvements come some changes […]

Go for the Green: How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions


Just like many of you out there, I start each New Year with great intentions – being active as much as possible, packing my lunch for work, spending more quality time with loved ones and turning these practices into habits I’ll keep for years to come. And, just like many of you out there, I […]

When it Comes to Avocados, Which is it: Hass or Haas?


We’re often asked, “which is it, Hass Avocado or Haas Avocado?” The correct spelling is “Hass.” The word “Hass” rhymes with “class,” and is often mistaken to rhyme with “Hoss” or “Hozz.” Why is it “Hass Avocado?” Because the Hass Avocado is named after Rudolph Hass, a California postman who patented the Hass Avocado in […]

5 Avocado-Loving Reasons to Be Thankful


With Thanksgiving just days away, I’ve become busier and feeling a tad more stressed than usual. I’ve been hitting the internet almost nightly to find great recipes to bring to my family’s Thanksgiving celebration (and of course pinning anything with avocados I run across), a short week at work has created a slight backup of […]

2014 Carpinteria Avocado Festival


It’s almost time for the 28th annual Carpinteria Avocado Festival! The avocado festival, known for its location in picturesque downtown Carpinteria, draws avocado-loving attendees from all over the world for fun, family friendly attractions, including: Booths and businesses selling avocado varieties, avocado ice cream, avocado honey, avocado tri-tip sandwiches, avocado beer, avocado oil, avocado breads […]

Ventura County Farm Day – California Avocado Grove Tours


As part of an initiative to connect school children to the production of food on the farmlands of Ventura County, Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture will host the Second Annual Ventura County Farm Day on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The California Avocado Commission Demonstration Grove will participate in the event as one of the more […]

8th Annual Morro Bay Avocado Festival

avocado festival

The Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival is coming up! This annual avocado festival, which takes place on September 13 and September 14, 2014, brings together California Avocado lovers from all over the world. And this year it looks like it is going to be better than ever! This street fair-style avocado festival, held annually […]